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Feel the superiority of 100 octane!

EKO introduces the only 100 octane gasoline in Cyprus.

EKO is synonym with innovation and development.

This time EKO brings in Cyprus the ultimate gasoline EKO Racing 100.

sophisticated and tailor made fuel for the needs of the modern and demanding driver.
For those who want it all!


The new formula offers:

  • The power of 100 Octane.
  • Significantly reduces friction, achieving up to 4,6 % higher motor efficiency, resulting in up to 4,6% more power and better acceleration. *
  • Significant reduction of friction in the engine up to 75%. *
  • Reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5.4%. *
  • Achieves outstanding cleaning results in new Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) petrol engines with multiple injectors.


*Compared to common 95 Octane fuel, without special additives and required that the average RON100 density is 1.4% higher than the RON95.


Find the only 100 octane gasoline in Cyprus at 22 EKO
petrol stations in the link below: