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If your vehicle is more than just a means of getting around, with EKO RACING 98 Formula SF you can offer it the treatment it deserves.
It reduces emission,; it cleans and protects the engine and the fuel circuit.
The new, improved 98 octane petrol formula awakens your passion for driving, while increasing performance and driving pleasure.

The new formula:

• Significantly reduces friction, achieving up to 4% higher motor efficiency, resulting in up to 4% more power and better acceleration. *Compared to common 98 octane fuel, without special additives.
• Achieves outstanding cleaning results in new Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) petrol engines with multiple injectors.
• Prevents the formation of deposits in the valves by up to 100%, improving engine performance.
• Significantly reduces emissions, protecting the environment (reduction of carbon monoxide by 15%).
• It protects the fuel circuit and the engine from corrosion and rust with special anti-corrosion agents.