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Innovative Generation of Economy Fuels



More kilometres with Less fuel

Savings of up to 4%, which is up to 2 litres per fill up*

EKO, with the interests of Cypriot consumers at heart, introducing yet another innovation with the new generation of EKONOMY fuels, designed to offer More kilometres with Less fuel. Using our new generation of Ekonomy fuels, our customers save up to 2 litres per fill up, which equals to a saving of up to 4%*.

The new generation of EKONOMY fuels which includes the 95 EKONOMY unleaded petrol and the DIESEL EKONOMY fuel, was developed by EKO in partnership with TOTAL ACS France. It features a unique composition with State - of - the - art additives that helps you drivers save money by getting them farther without spending more.

*Based on the lowest fuel tank capacity and a fill up of 50 litres. The comparison is made between the performance of a regular and the performance of that same regular fuel with the introduction of the special additives found in 95 EKONOMY Unleaded and DIESEL EKONOMY. The exact savings may vary depending on the type of vehicle, the road conditions and the driving style. Fuel savings of 4% according to laboratory tests performed by TOTAL ACS France.


A new unleaded petrol, suitable for all types of petrol engines, which, thanks to advanced – technology additives and a friction modifier:

• Saves up to 4%, if fuel which sums up to 2 litres per fill up*
• Keeps the injection system and valves clean (keep clean)
• Removes any existing residue (clean up)
• Greatly reduces friction
• Prevents the accumulation and formation of residue in the inlet manifold.
• Reduces fuel emmissions ( CO, HC)
• Protects the engine’s entire fuel system from corrosion
• Reduces maintenance costs and extends the engine life


Designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding drivers, the new DIESEL EKONOMY fuel is suitable for all diesel engines. (Euro5 or older)

• Saves up to 4% in fuel, which sums up to 2 litres per 50-litre-fill-up*
• Enhances engine performance due to the cetane booster it contains
• Immediately reduces engine noise by up to 15%
• Offers exceptional detergent and anti-corrosion protection for all engine types
• Prevents the formation of residue on injector nozzles from the first fill-ups (clean up keep clean)
• Reduces the emission of soot (smoke) and non-combusted particles
• Reduces maintenance costs and extends the engine life