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EKO HEATING EKOnomy is the new advanced heating oil, that secures up to 3% lower consumption*, reduced environmental burden and lower maintenance costs.

  • Allow reducing fuel consumption up to 3%*
  • Stability of the combustion process
  • Higher storage ability
  • Keep deflector plate and heating surface clean
  • Prevent thermal efficiency from dropping
  • Reduction of soot emissions
  • Prevent all metal surfaces from tank to the lines against corrosion
  • Ensure longer periods of maintenance-free Operation

* The study has been conducted by RWTUV Essen for annual consumption of ~3000 ltr of Home Heating Oil (1000ppm Smax), resulting in the minimization of the efficiency loss up to 3 % and thus in the consumption reduction up to 3%.

Available only in EKO petrol stations and EKO distributors.