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EKO in Cyprus, in cooperation with EKO Hellas and the National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio), NTUA, introduced a mobile lab to carry out qualitative and quantitative fuel inspections at all EKO stations in Cyprus.
The vehicle is the result of a sponsored partnership between NTUA and EKO Hellas, employs a specialized Chemical Engineer Researcher on a permanent basis, with the academic and technical skills that the procedure demands. The mobile lab can perform on-the-spot inspections at each station and can produce immediate results with the use of a tracer that checks both the purity of the liquid fuel, as well as the amount of fuel poured at the pump in order to check for the quantity delivered. Additionally the engineer collects samples from each station in Cyprus which he sends to the NTUA lab for further analysis for verification of the octanes and cetanes in diesel respectively. Furthermore, the fuel is analyzed for its microbiotic load due to bio-fuel use (European Directive), in diesel fuel, which can create issues in the fuel pump system of the car. Finally the sample is also checked for the quantity of sulfur and measured against the European guidelines.

Additionally the customers have the opportunity to test the fuel quality with the free spot test kits that can be found in all Service Stations.

EKO pioneers once again in quality, service and innovation for the benefit and protection of its customers through the most complete fuel inspection system.